Appeal For Donation- John Willis Baraka

John was born on the 27th of August 2016 and is the fourth born to Peter and Jenipher Otieno. At the tender age of 1 year 8 months he has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome- a genetic condition that affects the physical features, intellect and overall development of a child. Further investigations into his condition led to the the diagnosis that he also has an Arterial Sept Defect (ASD). An ASD is a a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers of your heart and is present at birth. In some cases ASDs close naturally, however in John’s case a surgery is required for a good prognosis. Unfortunately, John also has recurrent respiratory tract infections as a result of a flat nasal bridge, a developmental impairment brought about by Down Syndrome.

His condition greatly hinders him from thriving into the young boy he should be.

Our partners Narayana Health in Bangalore India are graciously willing to have John under their care so he can get the treatment he requires with the best possible outcome. The surgery will cost $15,000 due to the complicated nature of his case. Peter and Jenipher, are unable to raise this amount- their current income being barely enough to cater for their family.

PANAHF would greatly appreciate your kind and generous consideration towards John’s surgery so he can have the chance at life we all have been blessed with.

For more information John and how to donate towards his surgery, please contact [email protected] or +254 738 567300.