FIA Delegates Donate to PANAHF’s Access To Medicines Program

The weekend of 6th July 2019 was an eventful one for us, not just because it was the WRC Safari Rally weekend, but also because the official FIA delegates came together and donated over $1000 towards our Access to Medications program.

The generous donation has enabled us to provide patients an additional subsidy to their current medication costs with one patient’s monthly bill going down by approximately 60%! Below are a few words from two patients who have benefited from this subsidy:

I’ve been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure for over 20 years. The cost of medicines alone was over 6,000 Kenyan shillings – $60 per month (not including insulin) which we struggled with. Often, I would skip on some expensive medicines which I know is not a good thing. I heard about PANAHF from a family friend and was initially suspicious of my costs coming down. True to their word, my costs are now down to exactly half the price to $30 which also includes my insulin. Thank you.
SB – Nairobi

From $80 my pharmacy medicines bill has come back right down to $35 per month. And I was told some of my drugs were interacting hence why I was feeling terrible from the side effects. Life is more bearable and affordable thanks to PANAHF.
AG – Tanzania

The donors included: Michelle Mouton FIA Saftey Delegate, Dr Cem Boneval FIA Medical Delegate, Simon Larkin WRC Promoter, Andrew Wheatley FIA Category Manager, Timo Rautiainen 2 time World Rally Champion CO Driver among others.

Asante Sana!!!