In July 2014 Panahf partnered with African Steps to conduct a Rhematic Heart Valve Disease on the entire population of 9-12 year olds using only echocardiography by two medical officers (non cardiologists) which was then overseen by a consultant cardiologist and consultant cardiac surgeon. Philips donated the hand held echo CX50 to allow better diagnostic capability for both screening and definitive echos. The screening was carried out in three locations: St. Peter’s, Yofue and St. Mark’s, spending two days in each location. The echoes further underwent blind review by a cardiologist.

Screening headlines

  • 417 screened- 9-12 year olds
  • 74 suspicious on screening
  • 26 called in for further screening
  • 10 require annual follow up
  • 8 have borderline RHVD- monthly penicillin plus annual echos
  • 1 has definitive RHVD- further investigations rendered her clear of the disease
  • Prevalence 2.16%

Out of good faith, Panahf also donated surgical equipment to the hospital.

The resulting paper was submitted and invited for presentation at the ESC Congress in Rome 2016