As part of its aims, we undertake missions in Africa to support local cardiac surgery programmes.

Missions are planned several months in advance working closely with local hospital and corporate partners to ensure best results and maximum teaching opportunities

Nairobi, Kenya – February 2012

In February 2012, PANAHF flew to Kenya to carry out a RHVD screening programme along with four cases of open heart surgery. PANAHF successfully signed a MOU with Kabarak University to create and deliver a specific module of their new degree course beginning September 2012

Nairobi, Kenya – October 2011

On Friday 28th October 2011, a team of top cardiac surgery specialists led by consultant cardiac surgeon Mr Raj Jutley flew to Kenya to carry out open heart surgery and deliver the charities core objectives.

Aleppo, Syria – April 2011

PANAHF members have been invited to undertake a teaching and training mission in Aleppo alongside Aleppo University in April 2011. The university already undertakes adult cardiac surgery. PANAHF will share its expertise and knowledge with the centre with local training, seminars, lectures and hands-on sessions.

Nairobi, Kenya – October 2008

In October 2008, thirteen doctors, nurses, perfusionists, physiotherapists and medical technicians from UK joined PANAHF to undertake its inaugural open heart surgery mission at the Nairobi Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya.

Five cases of adult cardiac surgery were performed alongside local medical and nursing staff. The cases were selected by Dr Charles Kariuki, Interventional Cardiologist and admitted under the care of Dr John Kariuki, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, trained in USA. During the mission almost the full range of adult cardiac surgery were performed ranging from mitral valve replacement (MVR), aortic valve replacement (AVR), coronary bypass surgery (CABG) and AVR + CABG. The mission saw patients travel from as far as Zanzibar, Tanzania.

PANAHF is grateful to Dr Cleopas Mailu (CEO Nairobi Hospital), Joy Kariuki and Janet Mathiu (Matron, Nairobi Hospital) for co-ordinating the mission locally.

PANAHF is also grateful to the following benefactors for hosting the mission team as well as supporting the operations financially or in kind.

  • Makindu Sikh Temple
  • Alloysteel/EA Foundry Works
  • H S Jutley Insurance Brokers Ltd
  • Rivaaz Boutique Ltd
  • Giro Bank Ltd
  • Cardiamed, Holland (cardiamed.com) for subsidising the heart valves
  • Covidien (covidien.com) for providing free suture material
  • Terumo Europe (terumo-europe.com) for subsidising the heart-lung machine disposables


Teaching / Training mission in Kumasi, south-central Ghana with Dr Opoku-Ware Mensah

PANAHF was approached by Ghanaian surgeon, Dr Opoku-Ware Mensah.

He is presently working in UK to assist with a teaching/training mission in Kumasi, south-central Ghana in the Ashante region.

The area has no cardiac surgery services but suffers terribly with rheumatic heart valve disease.

PANAHF will assist with training of medical, nursing and allied health staff as part of its remit to reverse ‘brain drain’ in Africa.