Ignite Hope: Feed a Child, Nourish a Future!

Embark on a heartwarming journey with PANAHF as we transform lives through our School Food Program. Picture this – on October 19th, 2023, something magical unfolded at Kasuitu Primary School, Empakasi, Athi River. Together, we provided 700 children, aged from nursery to 16 years, with a wholesome meal – often the only one they'd have all day.

This incredible moment was made possible by the generous support of Sati Seehra and his family, who not only sponsored the inaugural meal but personally served it to the children. Their sentiment echoes a deep sense of honor in being able to make a difference in the lives of these needy children, guided by the spirit of their faith.

These children hail from backgrounds where financial struggles cast a long shadow, with many having parents who are unemployed or, in some heartbreaking cases, no parents at all. The reality is stark, but together, we can bring light into their lives.

Our mission is clear: to feed these young minds once a week, ensuring they have a well-balanced and nutritious meal. Think about it – for some, this might be the only meal they get in a week. Imagine the impact we can create, the hope we can spark, and the futures we can shape.

As Ms. Rosina, the school headmistress, expressed her gratitude, "We are truly thankful to PANAHF and its dedicated team for committing to the weekly food program. These children have gone without school meals since 2021, and today, not a single scrap is left. Your support is making a tangible difference in their lives."

The feeding program is a weekly beacon of hope, taking place every Thursday or Friday, depending on the school calendar. Now, here's where you come in – you have the power to join hands with us and make a lasting impact. For less than $150, you can feed 700 schoolchildren, providing them with the sustenance they need to thrive.

Let's turn the tide for these children – donate now and become a part of their journey towards a brighter future. Click the 'Donate' button below and watch the magic unfold. Together, we can make sure that no child goes to bed hungry.

For more information or to make a difference today, contact us at [email protected].

Join us in this incredible journey – because every child deserves a chance to dream, learn, and grow.